Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Director: F. Gary Gray
Starring; Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Colm Meaney, Bruce McGill, Leslie Bibb, Michael Irby, Gregory Itzin, Regina Hall, Emerald-Angel Young, Christian Stolte, Annie Corley, Richard Portnow, Viola Davis, Josh Stewart

While simply looking after his daughter and getting ready for the family meal a door bell rings and Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) answers the door only to get attacking by two men restrained and beaten the men move into the house killing his wife and young daughter. Clarence Darby (Christian Stolte) and Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart) are caught and taken to a trial. Hot shot lawyer Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) is offered a deal which gives him his guarantee success rate which is all that matters to him. This deal with Clarence means Rupert is put to death while he goes free after three years in jail. Clyde is less than impressed but has little choice but to accept.

Ten years down the line Rupert Ames is about to be executed and Nick and his mentor Jonas Cantrell (Bruce McGill) and his new apprentice Sarah Lowell (Leslie Bibb) all go to view, only something goes wrong leading to a less human death for Ames. The police go after Clarence thinking he might know or be involved in the crime only for him to be given an escape by a mystery police man who turned out to be Clyde. Clyde ends up butchering Clarence and filming it.

Police then arrest Clyde Nick questions Clyde only for Clyde to use a play on words to sound guilty but never actually admitting anything. The Tape Clyde filmed was sent to Nicks Family his wife Kelly (Regina Hall) and daughter Denise (Emerald-Angel Young) who watch it only for the tape to reveal no image of the murderer. On to the bail hearing where Clyde gets Judge Laura Burch (Annie Corley) to grant bail with legal material he has learnt himself. Only to laugh and shove it in her face question how they can let someone accused of murder free.

Clyde is now in jail waiting for trial but starts offering deals to Nick if these deals are not met people involved in the original case will die, will Nick continue to take the deals or not? who will be the ones to suffer for Nick’s pride and Clyde revenge.

The Story will keep you on the edge of your seat and also keep you question who to cheer for as Nick is by the book not getting hands dirty guy while Clyde is trying to bring the justice system down so there are no more deals. I personally cheer for Clyde as his character sums up the feeling anyone who had something similar happen to them would drive them to the edge.

My overall rating is a perfect action thriller 93%

Twelve Rounds (2009)

Director: Renny Harlin
Starring: John Cena, Aidan Gillen, Ashley Scott, Steve Harris, Brian White, Gonzalo Menendez, Taylor Cole, Kyle Russell-Clements

Starting out with the FBI trying to catch Miles Jackson (Aidan Gillen) an international arms salesman which goes wrong, Miles and his girlfriend Erica (Taylor Cole) are having a steady get away when they just happen to stop next to a patrol car. In this patrol car are Danny Fisher (John Cena) and his partner Hank Carver (Brian White) and the two go for a routine pull over which also goes wrong leaving Hank Shot and the patrol car totalled. Danny sets out on foot to catch the car cutting through houses and gardens, After a few blocks he catches up only for disaster to strike Erica is killed in an accident leaving Miles swearing revenge.

One year later Danny and Hank are now detectives after capturing Miles. Thinking this will be just another day Danny and his wife Molly (Ashley Scott) set out on their ways Molly catches the ferry to work, when Danny gets a phone call not just any phone call it is Miles. Miles ends up blowing up their house and capturing Molly forcing Danny to go twelve rounds against him completing tasks ranging from stopping a street tram with no brakes to jumping out of a twenty storey building. Danny, Hank and two FBI agents George Aiken (Steve Harris), Ray Santiago (Gonzalo Menendez) all set out to stop what called be city wide destruction.

Director Renny Harlin credits include Die Hard 2, Cliffhanger and Deep Blue Sea. Twelve Rounds really follows this movies up nicely with endless edge of the seat action. John Cena lacks any real acting ability but really lives up to the term action star and is actually believable as a cop pushed to the limit to save his wife. Aidan Gillan also shines as a almost psychopathic villain who has nothing to learn and a very good plan set out.

As Story this is over the top but is very watchable to anyone who is a fan of an all out action movie, with very little to really think about storyline wise you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Hopefully people can look pasted the fact John Cena is a wrestler and look at him as an action star because he could well become a good one.

My Overall Rating for this movie is a solid 84%