My Soul To Take (2010)

This is the latest from writer director Wes Craven (original nightmare on elm street). This is a new slasher thriller.

Starts with a story about a murder being hunted only to turn out a everyday family man with split personality or souls depending on the legend you hear. After his sane personality figures out he is the ripper the cops head out to stop this killer. after discovering he has killed his pregnant wife he goes after his little girl on for the cops to stop him. transferring him to the hospital an accident loses the body into the river.

16 years later we have seven teenagers who were born the same day the ripper died. These seven of all different social groups meet and a ceremony every year to guard from the ripper’s return. only it got interrupted by the police. now the ripper is back but who is he?

This film has similar feel to a lot slashers with some twists turns to keep you guessing on who the killer is. it lacks in suspense of the great slashers but is worth a view if you like a horror slasher movie, it also gives little character development to the surviving cop who is trying to figure out what is going on. The overall storyline is nice with the whole high school politics and their weird scoring punch system and a good job from an unknown cast too.

My rating 74%

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