A.I Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Directed by Steven Spielberg
Starring Haley Joel Osment, Jude Law, William Hurt and Frances O’Connor

The movie follows the tall of a young boy David looking to become a real boy, David taken in by a family who have lost their own child in a coma becomes part of the family. But when the child awakens from his coma is simple cast a side. So David and teddy go of in search of the blue fairy hoping she can make him a real boy. David and Joe go to a future New York one that is underwater to search for the answers.
Language 1 out of 10 very clean for all ages
Violence    4 out of 10 most future robot destruction but with a human face looks worse

Story 8 out of 10 very good story like Pinocchio of the future generation

Special effects 10 out of 10 very impressive all round

Acting 9 out of 10 top draw very believable all characters

Stand out Perfromance Haley Joel Osment one of his best performances

Overall Movie Rating 8 out of 10 very well made movie keeps you interested from start to finish and good performances all round a must watch for all sci-fi fans and fairy tale believers out there                                                                    

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